Austin's Story

So, when did it all begin…May 7, 1998...literally, a star was born.  Not only has Austin surpassed a Breeder/Owner/Handlers dream, but he is a sweet, loving, incredible dog that is a pleasure to live with.  He is everything I would ever dream about in a Bichon. 

Austin started out his show career winning easily.  He won best of breed over top specials from the classes.  I finished his championship from the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  I knew he was special, but how special was yet to be seen.  Little by little we expanded our horizons.  I attended a Canadian National (2001) with Richard Beauchamp judging.  I was extremely nervous to walk in the ring under such a renowned breeder-judge.  I made sure I would only take my best to him.  What a day that was!  Austin won Best In Specialty Show from the Bred-by Exhibitor class!  His daughter (Ch Dorianns Kenningway Sensation) was Best Puppy in sweepstakes.  It was truly an honor and the beginning of wonderful things to come.  “I found my Best of Breed dog in the Bred-By Exhibitor class (bravo!) – …Dorianns Int’l Man of Mystery…bred and owned by Carol and Michelle Konik.  A smashing young dog just approaching his prime – elegant, glamorous, and of outstanding type.  He exemplifies the essence of the breed standard through.”  Richard Beauchamp, Bichon Frise Reporter. 

Just when I think it can’t get better than this…

One of my very dear friends and former professional handler, Pattie Proctor, was a huge Austin Powers fan since the first day she saw him.  Pattie’s love and expertise brought life with Austin to a whole new level.  Pattie presented Austin beautifully and won his very first all- breed BEST IN SHOW.  Pattie brought Austin to #3 in the country behind 2 other dogs that had sponsors behind them.  For me, #3 was just as good as #1 since I was not in the same financial league as the others.

Just when I think it can’t get better than this…

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Invitational Show:  
In 2001, Austin was invited to the very first Eukanuba Invitational Show and won Best Bred-by Exhibitor and 1st award of merit.  His son Ch. Dorianns Psychedelic Moon was right behind him with 2nd Award of Merit.  The next year, 2002, Austin was again invited to the Eukanuba Classic.  This time he won BEST of BREED and BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR under judge Dr. Anthony DiNardo.  Austin was again invited the following year, this time he took another award of merit.  His daughter Ch Whitebreds Kissed By A Rose, also won an award of merit right behind him.  Austin was invited yet again.  This time winning Best of Opposite Sex  and BEST BRED-BY EXHIBITOR under renowned breeder-judge Ellen MacNeille Charles.  Another one of his daughters, Ch. Dorianns Reflection of Wessex,  won BEST OF BREED and the viewer’s choice award!  Winning on your own is one thing, but keeping it in the family is a whole new level.  I am so proud of Austin and his children.  Really, how often does a breeder get a dog that is competitive for such a long time period.  The fact that Austin is the only Bichon that has participated in and won at all four of the first Eukanuba Classics, is incredible.  His quality speaks for itself. 

Just when I think it can’t get better than this…


Austin won an award of merit in 2002.  He won another award of merit in 2003 under judge Ms. Charlotte Patterson.  …… 2005 – I still can’t speak about it without getting goose bumps!  I will never forget this day as long as I live.  I was so late getting into the garden that Feb 14th.  No left turns anywhere in that city!  I don’t think any breeder or owner-handler ever goes to the garden with the intention of winning Best Of Breed.  We go hoping to get an award of merit or even make the cut!  No matter how much I believed in Austin, I always knew there were other political forces to fight.  I would only hope and pray that the judges would see Austin for what he truly was and not who owned him or who was showing him.  My sincerest appreciation and respect go out to Mr. Walton for doing what he truly believed in.  He certainly made my dreams come true.  To be the person on the end of the lead, showing the dog I love and winning at Westminster is an achievement that I will never forget.  BEST OF BREED, breeder/owner/handled Westminster Kennel Club 2005.  I am still so proud of him.  He was 6 ½ years old in the ring that day.  Older than all the other Bichons there…and yet, he maintains his beauty.  I am not sure, but I was told that Doriann Bichons ( my mother and I) made history that day having 2 dogs from the same kennel winning Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster Kennel Club.  Wow!  His daughter Ch. Dorianns Reflection of Wessex was BOS and his other daughter Ch. Whitebreds Kissed By A Rose was award of merit.  Seeing Austin next to his girls was really special. 

Now, yes Austin has an outstanding resume….but what makes him even better is his ability to produce quality in the litterbox.  Austin has over 30 champions and counting.  Not only are these dogs Champions, but champions of distinction.  In 2005 his daughter, Ch Victoires Cheers To Austin, won Best in Specialty Show at the National Specialty.  Another daughter, Ch Dorianns She’s Got The Look , won multiple Best In Specialty Shows in regional specialties.  His other daughter, Ch. Whitebreds Kissed By A Rose is a world winner, Award of Merit winner at the garden as well as Eukanuba Invitational.  Ch Dorianns Reflection of Wessex won Best In Specialty Show at the NJ Specialty (just 2 days before the garden).  And, that same day his other daughter, Ch Dorianns Soul Sister won Best of Winners from the Bred-By class. Austin has a son who has done very good winning in Brazil, Ch Dorianns Victoires Shagadelic and his Grandson Balladair Dorianns Shazam won Best of Winners at the 2004 BFCA National Specialty.  Austin’s son, Dorianns I’m Too Sexy was Winners Dog at the BFCA National Specialy in 2006 AND at the same National Specialty, his granddaughter was Best of Winners!  I could go on and on.  Austin’s children are not your average champions.  They are competitive and have outstanding merits.  I truly believe Austin has made some wonderful contributions to the breed.

I would like to thank all of the people who have supported Austin throughout the years.  I can’t express enough how wonderful it is to hear honest, kind words from breeders and judges that I respect so much.  I love my Bichons, they are my passion. 
Austin will make certain appearances in the Veterans Dog Classes, but other than that…he will continue to sleep in bed, chase the cat, smile at the ladies and rule the roost!
He is my once in a lifetime dog.