Happy Homes

Amy Irving, her husband Brazilian Film Director, Bruno Barreto with her son Max and their newest family member Floquino


Doriann Bichons are not just Show Dogs

First and foremost they
are our friends and family members. As anyone who has ever had a dog can tell you, you don't own a dog. Dogs allow you to mutually co-exist in their pack. Since you supply the chow and the heated place to sleep, they will often times allow you the honor of being the Alpha dog. But let's face it, who is feeding who? Once you know where you really stand in the pecking order, you will understand that there is no truer friend than a dog, and we feel no better addition to your family than a Doriann Bichon. That is why we have been lovingly raising them since 1980.

Here are some pictures of a few of our dogs with the lucky familes they adopted.

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Here is Rebel Walsh with his family
(he's the one in the middle)

Persephone and Lola Stanton
with their new humans


Phiona Bell with her brother and sister.


Kenya Chang doing her annual Santa routine. Shhh!
The kids don't know it is her!